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Transaction log space verses data space

Transaction log backups can be issued while using full recovey backups.

Why is the transaction log space sometimes larger than the data space? Also, I have a maintenance plan setup which is supposed to delete .bak and .trn files older than the current dates, but it doesn't seem to be acting accordingly. How can I fix this?
The transaction log usually gets larger than the data file when you have large transactions that are run, and run often, prior to a transaction log backup occurring. Check the transactions that are running to see if there is a way to make them smaller so you do not generate such a large amount of data. Also, make sure that you are running transaction log backups on a set schedule or change your recovery model to "Simple" if you do not need transaction log backups.

As far as the maintenance jobs not cleaning up, you may want to just recreate the maintenance plans, delete the older files that did not get deleted and see if that takes care of the problem.

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