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Tony's SQL Server book for DBAs

I'm an aspiring SSQL Server 2000 DBA, already working in the IT field for about five years with several Microsoft certifications. I've just received notice that you wrote a book will be published in January 2004 that should definitely assist me in my endeavors, but I can't find ANY information on basic info in the book, like the table of contents topics. Do you have a table of contents list or a list of topics covered by the book to help in the decision of pre-ordering it?

Hello, here are my latest book's details, which are taken from the Apress web site.

Beginning SQL Server 2000 DBA: From Novice to Professional

By Tony Bain, Baya Pavliashvili, Joseph Sack, Michael Benkovich, Brian Freeman
Published: Jan 2004
ISBN: 1-59059-293-x
700 pp.

Chapter 1: Being a DBA
Chapter 2: SQL Server Installation
Chapter 3: Creating a Database
Chapter 4: DML and Querying
Chapter 5: Basic Management Tasks
Chapter 6: Security
Chapter 7: Networking
Chapter 8: Backup and Recovery
Chapter 9: Replication
Chapter 10: Development with T-SQL
Chapter 11: Data Warehousing and Analysis
Chapter 12: Data Transformation Services
Chapter 13: Monitor, Profile, Tune
Chapter 14: Keeping the Plates Spinning

I hope this helps, and I am sure you with enjoy and benefit from this book.


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