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Stored procedures in Crystal Reports

Development expert Andrew Novick gives you the resources to improve your stored procedure writing skills.

I am fairly new to SQL server and I need to create many (probably 50+) stored procedures. These stored procedures will be used by Crystal reports within an application. An application consultant explained a little about stored procedures to me, but I need to improve my skills before I will be able to perform this task. I have a fair amount of experience query writing with Access and VBA, and understand relational databases. Any suggestions on a few good books about stored procedures and possibly courses (in the Toronto, Canada) would be appreciated.
The book on stored procedures that I like the most is Advanced T-SQL for SQL Server 2000 by Itzak Ben-Gan and Tom Moreau. It has everything you're going to need to write reporting stored procedures. Another great book on advanced SQL topics, not specific to SQL Server is Joe Cleko's SQL for Smarties.


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