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Splitting data across different drives

I have a 60 GB database with only one data file and one log file. I want to add two other data files and one log file. What size should I allocate for these files (data and log files)? In my database, three tables are very large - two of them have about 6,000,000 records. I have a 300 GB HDD. What should I do to make this happen?
Sorry, didn't understand that all that clearly. Moving the tables to other drives might help. You can do this by:

a) Adding two new filegroups
b) Adding files on those drives to those new filegroups
c) Moving two of the tables to those new filegroups

...But the real issue for splitting data across different drives is how much I/O there is to the tables in question. Even if they are large, that's not so much of an issue if they aren't used heavily. Look at which data is causing the main I/O.

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