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Speed up application

We have an application where our database is used as a scratchpad to compute various forecasting needs for production. It takes about 2-3 minutes to run the forecast that is essentially three steps:
  • Import external data
  • Crunch the data using several stored procedures
  • .NET presentation app displays it

We would like to speed this up and have done a lot tuning. We are in a unique position where we really don't care about loosing data -- because all data is refreshed each time the forecast is run. Is there anything we can do in SQL Server to take advantage of the fact that our data has absolutely no value beyond the current session? I assume there are many things SQL Server does that is meant to protect data loss. Can we disable anything to speed things up?

Based on the explanation of the issue I am not aware of any direct configurations that would be helpful, but want to offer the following suggestions:
  • Consider dropping the indexes prior to the import of the external data and then rebuild the indexes.

  • Consider dropping any unneeded indexes.

  • Consider only appending only 'new' data to as compared all of the data each time the data is loaded.

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