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Shrinking log file smaller than its original size

I have been working with a SQL Server database a very short while. My first database was created seven months ago, and I'm finding the growth pattern to be too big. The database has one data file and one log file. I've been able to shirnk by data file (2 GB), but I'm unable to shrink my log file (18 GB). I understand from my readings that a database's orginal log file cannot be shrunk any smaller than its original size. How can I overcome this problem? Using SQL Enterprise Manager, I've also attempted to reset growth properties for both data and log files. I want growth to be automatic at 10% (unlimited). However, this change does not retain itself. The data file property changes back to the original setting each morning which is automatic at increments of 10m (unlimited). What is causing the database properties to change, and how can I overcome this problem?

That is not correct for SQL Server 2000. Look up DBCC SHRINKFILE in Books Online.

As for resetting, you have something else going on. SQL Server doesn't magically change settings. You have to have something else doing so.


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