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Sending mail about row changes with SQL Mail

We are using version 7.0. User data, including mail ID, are stored as rows with a unique number as a primary key. Basically the idea is to send a mail to the user when one or more entries in the row changes. We use the built in feature of SQL Mail for this. There is also a trigger in place which is supposed to handle this. We have developed a code which works but the trouble is that it sends a mail to the mail id in the bottom most row! So we have have worked out a roundabout method by creating a temporary table at run time and then deleting it after the mail send event. I am just wondering if there is a regular way to get around this problem.

Let me guess.....you have something that looks like the following:

 Select @var = column from table
You are trying to stuff multiple values into a scaler variable. Only the last value will be retained.


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