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Secure way to share access to a physical SQL Server running multiple databases

Is there a secure way to share access to a physical SQL Server running multiple databases? I have several customers that want to share the expense of the SQL Server, but I am concerned about opening up port 1433 to them incase one is infected with a virus, I don't want the other databases to be affected.
The secure way is to lock down your SQL server's security! Sharing the SQL server resources is a great way to ease the pain/cost of a new beefy SQL server. Don't be afraid of having many different groups with access to the actual port -- you should concentrate on application security. The most effective step to secure your SQL server (yes, I am serious) is to place a complicated password on the "SA" account and apply all service packs BEFORE placing the server on the production network. It's just that simple. Once you have those two steps in place, Chip Andrews has made it very easy to secure the rest of SQL's exposure points. Check out his excellent security reference at SQLsecurity.com.

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