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Secure data against DBA

What is the best way to secure data against DBA?
I don't quite understand the question but I'm going to assume that you're asking how you can secure your data from your database administrator. This can happen in situations where the DBA might have super user access to the server, yet his/her position in the company SHOULD ONLY allow him/her limited access to the data (payroll data, for instance). This is a tough one to answer, since you want to make sure your DBA has a full access ("SA" account) login so that he/she can troubleshoot issues. Your best bet is to allow the DBA to have full access to the server but to use table or column-level encryption to hide sensitive columns. Use a product such as:

NetLib Encryptionizer for SQL Server


DbEncrypt for Microsoft SQL Server

Or you can wait for SQL Server 2005 which will have column-level encryption built-in!

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