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Is it possible to search for rows containing underscores in SQL Server?

Is it possible to do a SQL Server search for a row with particular strings containing an underscore? Learn how to structure the WHERE clause to search for such rows.

Is it possible to search for a row or rows with particular strings containing an underscore?

Suppose I have various email addresses all containing an underscore like gm_ace@where.com, hj_bus@ where.com, etc.How can I search for those particular emails?

If I use a WHERE clause such as 'WHERE eMail LIKE '%_' it returns all rows. 'WHERE eMail LIKE 'gm_%' returns rows that do not contain an underscore. Can you offer any suggestions?

The underscore character is a single character wildcard in the same way the percent sign is a multi-character wildcard. To query for an underscore character you need to wrap the underscore in square brackets:

WHERE email LIKE 'gm[_]%'

If you want to search for all email addresses with a two character value then an underscore, this WHERE clause would work:

WHERE email like '__[_]%@%'

This was last published in August 2007

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