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Search logic allowing wild cards and reverse order names

I am looking for a way (or product) that will do a full text search as follows:

Search logic allows wild cards and reverse order names.

For example, name John Smith (i.e., %johnsmith%) returns:

  • John Smith,
  • John Smith, Esq.
  • Smith, John
  • John Smith Bakery, Inc., etc.

It doesn't seem like a big problem until I found out that the users will be entering the name without spaces (i.e., johnsmith). Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'd first suggest imposing standards on the data. Data has a structure; it should be enforced. I have never seen a case where someone runs their given name and surname together without spaces. Never. Why should you allow it to happen within your application since it is completely invalid in life? How are you even supposed to use that data since it is completely worthless.

If I gave you johnsmith, this could equate to John Smith or Johns Mith. Either one is equally valid and by allowing them to be run together, you have nothing but a mess which is absolutely impossible to reconcile or ever return accurate results to users. There isn't any product on the market that is going to give you accurate results based on a very bad design.

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