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Script to show permissions

I am trying to write a script for SQL Server 2000 that will show me permissions down to the column level. I think I understand that this information can be found in the syspermissions table (linked to sysobjects, syscolumns, and sysusers). However, a number of these columns are bitmaps, and I have not been able to find out how to write the decode bitmap so I can link to syscolumns to see which particular columns are referenced. Would you be able to provide some information on this? My purpose is twofold: 1) Be able to run this query so I can see the details (which Enterprise Manager provides visually) and 2) Use this information to be able to copy security from one DB instance to another on same or different server.
Sure. Open Profiler. Point it at the server. Open Enterprise Manager. View the security information. Stop the Profiler trace. Look in the output for the command that Enterprise Manager sends to retrieve the security information.

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