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SQL Server versions with data encryption/decryption support

Versions of SQL Server that support data encryption/decryption are explained by SQL Server expert Greg Low.

Our requirement is related to comparison of encrypted column values. Here is the logic:

1. Data in column A in table T1 is encrypted
2. Data in column B in table T2 is normal text. Its size is varchar(6)
3. One of the conditions in our WHERE clause is to compare the first 6 characters of column A in table T1 with column B in table T2

How do I acheive that? Is there any built-in SQL Server function for encryption/decryption? The query is part of stored procedure. Triple DES is the algorithm used for data encryption. We are using SQL Server 2000. Any help is greatly appreciated!

SQL Server 2005 has built in support for encryption/decryption. SQL Server 2000 did not. For SQL Server 2000, can I suggest you add another column (ie. denormalize the data) which is the first 6 chars of column A, if your security permits that and use it in the WHERE clause.

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