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SQL Server trigger vs. stored procedure to receive data notification

Learn why using a SQL Server stored procedures vs. a trigger can be a preferred method to retrieve data notification from a database field.

I am using SQL Server 2000, and I have a database field for warranty expiration dates. I would like to know 30 days in advance when an item is about to go out of warranty. How would I go about creating a trigger to inform me of this?
A trigger would not work well in this example. A trigger executes when you perform an INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT command on a row or rows of data, and it is typically only used in relation to the data just updated. If the data is not updated, no trigger would fire, either. In your case, it seems that you need something like a notification, instead.

I would develop a stored procedure to return the count of items too close to the warranty expire date. In the query, I would use the DATEDIFF function to find out if there are any matching rows. Then, I would create a scheduled job and have an email sent to me if the count is greater than zero.

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