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SQL Server error message: "Server out of memory"

Avoid restoring your SQL Server database to solve the SQL Server error message "server out of memory." The problem could be the memory settings.

My organization has a Sharepoint 2007 system with the database installed on SQL Server 2005. The content database gets corrupted and the Sharepoint gets strange errors. The only way to solve the problem is to restore the content database. Recently, another error, "server out of memory" has been occurring. The SQL Server process uses almost 2GB worth of memory, thus causing the Sharepoint application to become unavailable, with error messages indicating server out of memory.

A temporary fix to this problem is also restoring the content database from the last uncorrupted point. The SQL Server is going down every day and I can't keep restoring the database. Can you please help to get a permanent solution to this problem?

If the services are both running on the same server you should look at how much memory you are allocating SQL Server. It may be that SQL Server is trying to take as much memory as possible and causing other issues. I would look at this first.

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