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SQL Server data modeling tools

Performance and tuning expert Jeremy Kadlec discusses SQL Server data modeling tools.

We just hired a new Web programmer for our Extranet site (don't even ask about the old one...), and today she tried to start a new diagram to familiarize herself with our tables. She got this ODBC error: Invalid column name 'value'.

This error came up as soon as she tried to open a new diagram (none existed before). I can't figure out what column it thinks is wrong if it never even got so far as creating the diagram.

This is a good question, I am going to be writing a tip on the SQL Server data modeling tools in the next few weeks. The long and short of it is, if this is an existing data model, then that table or column previously existed in the database and now it no longer exists. You should be able to ignore these messages and save the new data model.

One word of warning with these tools is that if you make a change and save it, you are changing your database, the model equals the database. So, if you make a change to the database via a CREATE, ALTER or DROP statement that will reflect in the data model, and if you drop a table in the data model, you will not find it in your database. So be careful and understand the ramifications.

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