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SQL Server compared to Oracle for billing sector business database

My company is involved in the billing sector, and the product that we use requires a database. Currently we use Oracle, but I would like to know how SQL Server performs compared to Oracle: load and so on.

There is no comparison in the technical field between these two products. Oracle is better than SQL Server in some things (I don't like it but I have to admit it) -- mainly in speed and security. I consider the capacity and the requirements equal, but SQL Server wins when we talk about ease of use--but that depends on the experience that you have working in an NT or Novell environment.

For me, Novell is better when we talk about security and speed, but remember that Oracle takes advantage of that. NT is easier to use (that does not mean it's better), and SQL Server is integrated with it and takes advantage of its resources and administration tools. You will need to decide for yourself. I just can recommend you weigh these factors:

  • Speed (response time)
  • Advantages of Resources
  • Ease of Use
  • Learning Curve (if necessary)


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