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SQL Mail troubleshooting

A common SQL Mail error is addressed by monitoring and administration expert Kevin Kline.

I currently have two instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. I tried to set up e-mail notification on my new server, but it does not work. I am using the same domain account for both servers. I have followed all the instructions and settings are identical to the older one, on which e-mail works perfect. I have tested MS Outlook with the profile for SQL system account on that server. The SQLMail profile test works, but when I try to send e-mail to an operator I get this message:

"Error 22022: SQL ServerAgent Error: The SQL ServerAgent mail session is not running; check the mail profile and/or the SQL Server Agent service startup account in the SQLServerAgent Properties dialog."

Any suggestions?

SQLMail is troublesome and the reason for many support calls.

Your biggest issue, in my opinion, is the security context that SQL Server Agent is running under. Test SQLMail using the Windows user ID that the SQL Server Agent runs under.

You must first provide SQLMail with the Outlook mail profile used to test the mail client configuration. To do so, go to Enterprise Manger, then Support Services folder, right click SQL Mail and choose Properties.

You must then provide the mail profile to SQL Server Agent. To do so, go to Enterprise Manager, then Management folder, right click SQL Agent and choose Properties.


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