Retrieve images from SQL Server and store in VB.Net

Having difficulty retrieving images from a SQL Serve database to a VB.Net application? Get best practices to retrieve, store and manage SQL Server images.

I'd like to know how to retrieve data from blob tables more quickly. When I retrieve data to my VB.Net application from SQL Server, it's taking too much time. What's the best way to do this?

While SQL Server is capable of storing images in blob columns, the retrieval of images from the database does incur certain overhead that you have already noticed. For that reason, many high performance Web sites store only image names and path-to-the image folders. The application then retrieves the image from the file system, rather than pulling it from the database. You didn't provide many details about how the application works or what it does with images. But, based on what I know, I would recommend storing path-to-image folders in a reference table, and then have a table that stores image names and any additional details you may need.

If you move images to another folder, you just modify the path to the image folder. Using this approach also makes image management much easier since you can easily preview, resize or move images stored in the file system. Storing them in the database often requires a lot of custom coding to implement image management. So, unless you have some really unique requirements, in most cases you are better off with images in the file system and image locations in the database.

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