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Restoring a database with a different name

I have an existing SQL Server database (DB1) in my server (server01), and a database update was sent to me, which was backed-up from a different server (server02), but with the same database name (DB1). Now I want to restore that database update into my server (server01), but with a different database name (DB2), because I don't want to lose my existing data.

If you are using Enterprise Manager to restore this database then simply specify a NEW database name within "Restore database as" field in the restore database dialog box. On the Options tab enter new file locations for the database data files that will be created when you restore this database. Do NOT tick the force over existing database option, if you do NOT select this then SQL Server should not be able to overwrite any of your existing databases.

If you are using the RESTORE DATABASE command from T-SQL then once again specify a NEW database name. Also specify MOVE options to specify where you your current severs disk subsystems you want to located the new data files. See Books Online for more information on this (see the RESTORE DATABASE command).


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