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Replication plan to get only the updated data instead of entire database

Hi, I have a small problem. The scenario is as follows:

I have a remote database which is linked to my site. I connect to this database (I have it registered in my SQL Server) thru a dial-up line. I have 2 local copies of the database too. At pre-determined schedules, I need to get recently updated data from the remote database to my local database. Similarly data updated locally will have to be sent to the remote database. Now, a pain in the neck is that once I get the data from the remote database, I have to verfiy some data (in some tables) in the database and then probably delete some of that entered data. This will be done manually. For this approach, I need a replication plan which will get only the updated data and not the whole database as I connect to the remote server using a dial-up connection. Somebody suggested a Transactional Replication, and I need to know whether that will serve my purpose. Please help and guide me.

It can, but you are working with data that has to move in both directions. I'd suggest merge instead because your dial-up line will not allow a transactional with immediate updating subscribers when you run it at pre-determined intervals. Merge will send only the data that has changed since the last synch. I'd suggest the following, "low tech", approach to this:


  • Manually initiate your dial-up connection.
  • Setup merge between the 2 machines and synchronize.
  • Stop the merge agent.
  • Disconnect from your remote server.

Next time you connect, all you need to do is start the agent and wait for it to finish its upload/download cycle.


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