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Replicating traced data to another SQL Server

I have tried numerous ways to:
  1. Create a trace for security auditers
  2. Save trace data to a table in database on server that is being traced
  3. Replicate the traced data to another SQL Server...
The data being replicated is from the table that the trace created. This is simple enough, but the issue I have is when the server goes down, planned or unplanned, the trace has to be restarted. When I restart the trace, SQL Server asks me to overwrite the table. For reporting purposes we would like to use the same table for naming reasons, and what appears to happen is the trace will allow me to overwrite and keep the same table name etc., but replication will no longer work... any ideas? I hope this makes some sort of sense. Thanks so much for your time!

Yes, it does make sense. The basics are that you can't accomplish this via the Profiler GUI. The good news is the GUI is just that, an initerface over a bunch of stored procedures. By calling these procedures directly, you can control the name of your table and even reuse an existing table. All of the documentation you need for this is contained in Books Online.

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This was last published in October 2003

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