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Reestablishing database connection without restarting SQL Server

Expert Kevin Kline discusses the difficulties of reestablishing a database connection without restarting SQL Server.

I have an Oracle 9i database linked to my development SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 instance. The definition and connectivity is working fine, except for one case where we seem to have lost the connection to the linked server. When the SQL Server was stopped and restarted, the connectivity came back. Is there a way to re-establish the connectivity without restarting the SQL Server? This will be a problem when it moves to a production environment.
This is a tough troubleshooting problem since you have to coordinate so many moving parts, including SQL Server network connectivity, the Microsoft OLE-DB Driver for Oracle, SQL*Net, the Oracle instance's network connectivity and whether the Oracle instance itself is up and available. Have you tried using the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) to ensure that both the source and the target are available? If not, I recommend you look at the DTC Guides at MSDN.


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