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Recreate operating system and SQL with data on new drives

We currently have an IBM 330 Eseries 8674 server with a Windows 2000 operating system and Microsoft SQL 2000. We have run out of room on the drive; the drives are hardware mirrowed. The current drives are 18GB. We want to put in new drives, 72GB and mirrow but are concerned about the best way to restore or rebuild the data and SQL. We have Brightstor 10.0 with SQL agent backup.

What is the best way to recreating the operating system and SQL with data on the new drives? I do not want lose connectivity with the rest of the servers or lose any information such as container sizes of the database, names of the SQL server or the data itself.

Good question. Rebuilding a server can be a daunting challenge with uptime requirements being at an all time high. Here are a few options to consider:
  • Regardless of the option you select, build a short task list and test the process in a test environment prior to executing in the production environment.

  • Backup the existing server, rebuild the server with the additional disks, install Windows and SQL Server and then restore the databases.

  • Purchase a internal cage or external array to house the new drives and move the databases to these new drives.

  • Purchase a new server and have your existing server demoted to a backup production server or a dedicated test or development server.

I think this is a good topic and will consider writing a tip on this topic. Thank you!

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