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Problems submitting data from the Web

I run a small business, and I am using a SQL Server database (Developer edition) on my PC (I am running Exchange on my Web/mail server, and Exchange and SQL Server don't like each other). I am trying to connect through a DSN on my server that tests successfully. But I keep getting the same error message when I try to submit data to the database from the Web. "...not a trusted SQL Server instance" or something like that. I have the Trusted_Connection=Yes in the connection string as well as my Windows password and userid (the database is set to Windows authentication). Any idea what the problem is?

Your Web application is running in the context of the account running IIS. It doesn't matter what credentials you specify, the Windows credentials that are used are the ones associated with IIS. There is an article on http://www.sqlmag.com that goes through setting up a Web application to connect to SQL Server via trusted connections.


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