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Problems running SQL Server 2000 RTM without service pack

Business Intelligence expert Eric Brown helps troubleshoot database growth problems.

I have a client running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 RTM. There is no service pack.

My operating system is Windows 2000 Server;
storage is an old 35 GB hard drive;
partitioned C: at 4 GB (yes, 4) with second partition about 30 GB as data area E drive;
tempdbs are on C: and get up to 2 GB causing problems. C: part is full.

I might suggest moving everything out and starting again fresh if possible. Use multiple drives and put the mdf file (the data files) in a big enough disk to last a while, so 40 GB. Use another disk for the LDF files. The LDF file can be set to autogrowth -- that's a good thing -- just make sure to plan enough room for growth. This can all be done in Enterprise Manager.

And simply update the machine completely to the new service packs -- this is a no brainer.

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