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Problem trying to connect with the sa account

I have installed SQL Server 2000 on my machine. The problem is that when I try to register SQL Server through Enterprise Manager using SQL Server Authentication (i.e.sa) it gives me error code:18452 "Not trusted Connection. Login failed for sa". But if I try through WINDOWS NT Authentication it works fine. I think the SQL Server installation was done using WINDOWS NT. Authentication. How do I connect using sa? Should I reinstall or is there some other way?

You can not connect using the sa account if you have installed your SQL Serevr using intergrated security. If you are an administrator on that machine, why would you even want to connect using the sa account. Your Windows credentials give you admin access to the SQL Server. They are also much more flexible and a much better choice than using the sa account. Additionally, having the SQL Server installed this way protects you from all of the stupid security problems developers create by embedding the sa account into their applications.


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