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Problem attaching stored procedure and SQL Server trigger

Learn why using the sp_OACreate stored procedure with a SQL Server 2005 trigger, is likely to result in a permissions problem.

I have some questions about triggers and stored procedures. I've created a stored procedure in my database (not master) which calls a .dll file using the method sp_OACreate,sp_OAGetErrorInfo,sp_OAMethod,sp_OADestroy.

All goes well when I execute it in SQL Analyzer. So, I tried to attach this stored procedure to the trigger. When a certain column in one table changes, I want the trigger to call this stored procedure. It seems easy, but when I tried it, the SQL Server instance blocked. I got a message saying there was a permissions problem of using the method sp_OACreate. I've modified the authorization, but it still won't work.

When I execute the stored procedure and trigger separately, there's no problem. Is there any difference between these two ways, or did I lose something in my test?

If you are using SQL Server 2005, you should look to avoid using sp_OACreate, etc. Try to replace this code with managed CLR-based code instead. In terms of permissions to the object, you will need to consider the identity of the running code as well.

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