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Priority for System Administrator user?

Is there any priority for the System Administrator (SA) user? I am a consultant and one of my clients has the application using the SA account. They want something (other than my word) that this is a performance issue (not to mention the security side). There are (at any one time) 50-75 user connections as SA -- all performing updates, queries and selects with some blocking issues.
No, the SA log in does not have any additional privileges than any other SQL Server log inuser (SQL Server Standard Log in or Windows Domain account) from a system performance perspective. As long as the log inuser has rights to the necessary objects, the system performance to complete a transaction is the same for the log inuser and SA.

From a security perspective, the SA log in has rights to all commands in SQL Server and if a user is savvy they could access SQL Server outside the scope of the application with Microsoft Access or another tool and cause havoc. Based on this information, I would recommend from a security perspective to change this security paradigm ASAP before a major issue occurs.

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