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Performance very slow after copying tables

We are using SQL Server 2000 for our ERP. I copied many tables so that I can have test data with the same contents as the live data. Previously, our database was only 4 GB. Now, it has doubled. I did the copying overnight. The next day, our SQL Server became very, very slow. Even the physical server where it resides became so slow that displaying the contents of "My Computer" took several minutes. Our ERP would not run. I rebooted the server and everything became normal. After about two hours, however, the problem came back. I have been doing this reboot several times a day to restore the speed. I have also shrunk the database, but the same problem persists. Is the performance related to the sudden increase in the database size? Please help. Thanks

Yes and no. If you have a large amount of activity against both data sets, then you are most likely churning your data cache. Take a look at your page life expectancy along with your cache hit ratio, compiles/recompiles, and buffer sizes. If you have a very low page life expectancy less than 20000, then you are most likely ejecting pages frequently from the data cache and are having to access that data directly from disk. It is very difficult to diagnose a problem such as this without have a lot of PerfMon data along with SQL Server traces and other statistics from the server.


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