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Performance problems after installing Windows Service Pack 4

If you have installed Windows Service Pack 4 and noticed degradation in performance, Monitoring and Administration expert Kevin Kline offers possible solutions.

I have a computer running Windows 2000 Server Edition with Service Pack 4 installed on it. SQL 2000 (version 3) is also installed on it. The machine became dramatically slower after Service Pack 4 was installed. When we open the control panel we are not able to view any icons. The event viewer logged this error message:
 Event Type: Error Event Source: MSSQLSERVER Event Category: (2) Event ID: 17055 Date: 08/08/05 Time: 1:58:58 PM User: N/A Computer: GPS Description: 19012 : SuperSocket Info: Bind failed on TCP port 1433. Data: 0000: 44 4a 00 00 10 00 00 00 DJ...... 0008: 04 00 00 00 47 00 50 00 ....G.P. 0010: 53 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 S.......
What is really causing this? How can this be fixed?
This usually is caused by an application grabbing port 1433 before SQL Server can access it during the startup process. Since SQL Server fails to grab its required TPC port, the service fails. If you have any antivirus software or software firewalls installed, you should uninstall them. Also, make sure that SQL Server can support TCP/IP connections.

Other potential causes of the bind failed message include:


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