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Oracle SQL doesn't work in SQL Server

This SQL works in Oracle, but not in SQL Server. How do I structure it in SQL Server? It determines the number of unique rows (distinct) based on multiple columns.
 select count(*) FROM (select distinct hdr_invoice_number, trn_sequence, lip_charge_transaction from STG1_INVOICE_FACT)

The syntax you have supplied does work with SQL Server when you alias the sub select. For example execute the following T-SQL:

 create table #demo1 ( col1 int, col2 int, col3 int ) insert #demo1 values(1,2,3) insert #demo1 values(1,2,3) insert #demo1 values(1,2,4) insert #demo1 values(1,2,4) insert #demo1 values(1,2,4) insert #demo1 values(5,6,7) insert #demo1 values(6,7,8) select count(*) from( select distinct col1, col2, col3 from #demo1) table1
This produces a COUNT(*) of 4 which is the number of distinct rows when selecting unqiness based on the three columns. Similarly this code:
 select count(*) from( select distinct col1, col2 from #demo1) table1
produces a count(*) of 3 as uniqueness is being selected on only two columns.


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