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Options for replicating Oracle data to SQL Server

We have our in-house production database in Oracle. We need to replicate the data to MS SQL Server for reporting needs. Could you please suggest all the options and alternatives that I have to achieve this?

There are three that I'm aware of and have used in production environments:

  1. Bulk unload the data from Oracle to files, copy the files to the SQL Server, use BCP or DTS to load the data into SQL Server.
  2. Create a DTS package that moves the data from Oracle to SQL Server.
  3. Buy Data Mirror, and set it up to move incremental data from Oracle to SQL Server.
The first two methods will essentially overwrite everything in SQL Server each time they run. The third method, while more expensive, will apply incremental changes to SQL Server as they happen in Oracle.

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This was last published in September 2003

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