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Not getting a result set when executing a stored procedure

I created a stored procedure to return me a select statement. See below:

 select nameA from tableA Union Select nameB from tableB
I tried the statement above in the Query Analyzer, and it returned to me a result set. But when I executed it from a stored procedure, I can't get a result set, but I get "The command(s) completed successfully." Did I miss some step to make it return a result set? I am using SQL Server 7.0.

I cannot duplicate the problem you are experiencing.

I, like you, created a stored procedure (using Northwind):

 create procedure usp_mailingLabels as select firstName + ' ' + lastName as contactName from employees union select contactName from customers
However, I was able to execute the procedure and get a result set:
 exec usp_mailingLabels output: contactName Alejandra Camino Alexander Feuer Ana Trujillo . . . Yoshi Tannamuri Yvonne Moncada Zbyszek Piestrzeniewicz


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