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Money data type conversion issue using DTS

leaving at I need to convert my Sybase data to MS SQL Server. I tried this using the following three methods for a single table. The table contains 1357 records.
  1. DTS wizard -- The tranfer completed sucessfully, but the data of column with data type money was not correctly transferred.

    eg. value 9700.00 was transferred as 97.00

    I found the leading zero of decimal points were supressed. Is there any solution to proceed?

  2. Tried BCP out in Sybase and tried a bulk insert in MS SQL Server -- it gives an error saying OLE-DB provider error.
  3. I tried to BCP in the Sybase bcp out ASCII file, but failed with the following error:
     CTLIB Message: - L6/08/S5/N3/5/0: ct_connect(): failed
It would of immense help if you could provide me a better solution to resolve this.
I can't, because I've always BCP'd the file out of Sybase and BCP'd it into SQL Server. The error message you are getting on the Sybase side indicates that BCP is not installed correctly on Sybase.

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