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Migrating to SQL Server: worth it?

I am currently rebuilding a project. I have 12 tables (making up over 1.5 million records) in an Access database. The database is now around 1.2GB. Queries and forms are stored in a separate mdb which runs on the client side.

So to sum things up: It's slow, overloaded and prone to errors. I have planned on migrating this ugly thing to a SQL Server. But before doing so, I wanted to ask the experts this:

Will I get a great enough performance and stability jump to merit the investment of migrating?

Um.... Access tends to puke WAY before hitting the size you are at. I'm actually surprised you are managing to even make it run without corrupting constantly. I have test systems with more than 100 times the data in your entire database stored in a single table. So, I would say yes, it will. BUT, you can create an application with SQL Server on the back end that has horrible performance just as easily as you can create one with good performance. It really has nothing to do with SQL Server and everything to do with the way you architect your applications.


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