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Migrating poorly designed database to new, normalized one

I have a database developed about two years ago. The database is not designed properly and the problems are a) there are no indexes, b) data units repeat in several tables, c) there are no refrential/integrity constraints, and d) inconsistent data. There is no database dictionary, or else the link between forms and tables or fields is not available. The application is large -- about 300 tables and 300-500 forms (VisualBasic). I am looking at the best approach to migrate this to a new normalized database. Any suggestions? I am thinking of using views and "instead of" triggers to aloow me to create a totally new database and make this change transparent to application programs. Is this feasible, and does it sound like a valid approach?
Contact info@solidqualitylearning.com. This would go WAY beyond the scope of trying to answer in a public forum.

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