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Migrating from DB2 to SQL Server

Can you suggest any tools or techniques for migrating from DB2 to SQL Server?


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No, that isn't being facetious. Doing a direct port from one DBMS to another is not something you want to do unless absolutely necessary. Constructs which run just fine in DB2 will not always run well in SQL Server. I've seen many a DB2 system littered with cursors and it runs reasonably well, however trying to do the same thing in SQL Server will quickly bring the server to a screeching halt. When doing any port from one DBMS to another, you need to redesign from ground zero to ensure you are taking the best advantage of the capabilities of your DBMS platform.

As far as tools which can help, I like the suite of tools from Embarcadero Technologies. DBArtisan is your management platform and within the same console, you can manage SQL Servers as well as DB2 servers. It even has the ability to migrate objects/data from DB2 to SQL Server providing all of the common datatype and language translations along the way. ER/Studio is your modeling tool and provides the ability to extract the structure of your DB2 database, translate it to a SQL Server model, and then rearchitect the model is necessary. You can also move the schema and data from DB2 to SQL Server using DTS within SQL Server.


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