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Migrating data into SQL Server in one query

I am attempting to migrate data from a flat file database to SQL Server. I would like to maximize speed by minimizing queries. There is already data in the SQL Server target table, so I don't want an error when trying to insert data that has the same index. I can see how to do it with two queries. The first is to check for the index already existing and then using a NOT IF statement on the recordcount to then do an insert. Is there a faster way, such as in a single query to check for existing data and do the insert only if it doesn't currently exist? The other way is to trap the error of the PK being a dupe.

You can't do this with a single query. Sometimes brute force is the best method. That's what I ALWAYS use when importing data into existing. Getting fancy usually winds up in causing errors that you can't easily back out of. Dump the data into a staging table. Scrub the data. Log any exceptions and move them to an exceptions table. Load the scrubbed data into your production table.


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