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Microsoft SQL Learning Edition?

Is there a such thing as a Microsoft SQL Learning Edition? I want to learn MS SQL at home; but I'm not sure I want to purchase or build a server and load the software just yet. This is a prerequisite for the MCDBA.

Well, I never heard about such an edition. The current editions of SQL Server are:
SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition
SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition
SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition
SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition
SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Evaluation Edition

The last one, the Enterprise Evaluation Edition, you can download from this site: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/trial/2000/default.asp.

It will be very helpful: it's a full featured version. It's just a 120-day evaluation copy, but, man, it's complete, and with 120 days, I think you have enough time to study. Also in the site are the Books On Line, so with that edition and a good book, you'll be ready to pursue your goal. Good Luck!


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