"Max connections reached" error

We are receiving "Max Connections has reached" error message while logging on to SQL Server database through applications. Then the application quits.

 Server Config.: SQL 7 with SP7 on NT 4 with SP5. Workstations - Win 95 and 98. Default Client connectivity Protocol - TCP/IP and connecting through - ODBC.
  1. We never set any connection limit on the SQL Server Properties.
  2. License configuration - Per Seat
  3. We have 70 client access licenses, but less than 50 users are using the application at a time.
  4. Once the user logs on to the application, SQL Server creates more than five connections for each user. Sometimes it exceeds more than 10. I can see this through current activity in the Enterprise Manager.
Whenever we face this problem we have to go to License Manager and revoke the license connections under SQL Server. Then we can logon to our application. How do I solve this problem?

Shut down the license service and leave it shut down. This service has caused more problems in NT than it ever fixed and I have yet to find a company where it was accurate anyway.


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