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Manipulating users' rights at row level in SQL Server 2005

Integration Services/Development expert Joe Toscano addresses how to manipulate users' rights at row level in SQL Server 2005.

In SQL Server 2005, I need to manipulate users' rights at row level. So far, I'm thinking of making a view according to users' needs, and grant permissions on the view. Is there any other possibility in SQL Server 2005?
As a quick solution, you may have the table in which you ultimately access have an additional character that can be the user login name. Have users select from a view that in turn selects from this table with the following filter: (where clause) where UserLoginName = suser_sname()

This will filter out only that particular user's data. If you want to get more complex, Microsoft has an excellent white paper Implementing Row-and-Cell-Level Security in Classified Databases Using SQL Server 2005 that uses custom database roles to accomplish the same.

This was last published in June 2006

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