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Lost connection to remote servers on WAN

We are running SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition on a Windows 2000 server platform. We loaded IBM AS/400 client software to connect to an AS/400 and Oracle client 8.1 to connect to an Oracle server. Prior to doing this, SQL Server had connections to other remote SQL Servers. After the installation of these two additional clients, we lost the connection to other remote servers on the WAN. Also, none of our DTS packages would work. We received a Dll error. We attempted to correct the problem by loading service pack 3a. This didn't work. We then attempted to load Enterprise Manager for SQL Server 7, and after that failed, we reinstalled client components for SQL Server 2000. Now Enterprise Manager for our current installation of SQL server won't initalize at all. Also the automated backups of the database are failing. We are thinking we need to reinstall SQL Server, however we are not sure how to get a recent backup, as our last backup is not current enough. Any suggestions?

Your problems aren't with SQL Server, they are with MDAC and the client software drivers you installed. Since I have no idea of how to correct that part, to me it means wiping the entire server and starting from scratch with an OS install. Getting a backup for SQL Server is the easy part. Stop the service. Take all of the .mdf and .ldf files and copy them off to another server. Then reinstall everything keeping all of the directory structures intact. Once you are done installing SQL Server, stop the service, copy all of the .df and .ldf files back into their former locations and start the SQL Server back up. It should come back alive with every database and all remote servers recognized and working. Of course, this goes with the caveat that you are going to test this process first on another machine.


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