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Looking for I/O stats

I want to know if SQLServer (7 or 2000) have some I/O statistics for read and write over the physical or logicals I/O, separated by file. I need to reconfigure a server with various databases, but I need to know the I/O relation over the datafiles. I used these kind of statistics with Oracle and successfully improved the performance, separating the more heavy I/O databases, or using RAID 1+0 or RAID 5. I was looking the manuals and tips but I only found statistics for all of the database server, not separated by datafile or database. If I have the statistics, I can prepare SQL queries and automatize relevation of information. Thanks in advance.

Your best approach to start with is to start up Profiler and gather stats by query. This will allow you to get the largest performance gains, by tuning the CODE. Once the CODE is tuned, you have probably eliminated all or most of your bottlenecks. This will also tell you how the data access breaks down by disk segment simply by which areas of your database get hit most often.


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