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Lock problems and slow performance

Hi, I'm a DBA and developer using MS SQL Server 7.0, 2000 and Power Builder 6.5. I was using MS SQL Server 4.x, 6.x, and always my headache is the lock in SQL Server. When programming, I change a lot of tables with a lot of data, and this process is very slow and all applications are very slow. I want to know some ideas. Can you help me?

If you have a single query that is performing poorly the best way to identity why is to run it in query analyzer while displaying the graphical execution plan. You will then be able to see where the time/resource is going.

If you are trying to identify what is running slowly then you should monitor your query activity with SQL Profiler, capturing queries that are consuming excessive resource.

I notice you mention you have previous problems with locking, if you have upgraded your code you may have locking hints within your queries to deal with the issues you experience in SQL Server 6.5. I would recommend that you remove all locking hints and see how the queries perform. Locking hints are usually not needed in SQL Server 7.0 and above and often cause negative effects.


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