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Licensing question

Some background info: We are going to run a fairly small database with SQL Server on a machine that will be dedicated to doing this. We have a Java program that accesses the database through a driver. We will have a license for the machine that the database is on, and a CAL for each user.

My Question: We really need to be able to use the query analyzer on machines other than the one the database is on. I talked to a Microsoft rep, and they claim that we need to install MS SQL Server only on the server machine, and other users will still be able to use the Query Analyzer and other tools from their own machine "through the server" whatever that means. How is this possible? I'm not sure I understand how other users can use the software without installing it on their machine. Did I understand incorrectly?

I don't exactly understand the question, but in general ALL licensing questions shoudl be referred to Microsoft. I would suggest working with a sales engineer to make sure you get the correct licensing configuration that you need.


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