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Installing SQL Server 2000 on Windows XP

SQL Server 2000 installation on Windows XP is explained, including the ins and outs of installing the Desktop and Developer Edition versus the Enterprise Edition.

I want to install SQL Server 2000 on WinXP and I got an error like this: "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition server component is not supported on this operating system. Only client component will be available for installation."

It is so odd because I had installed successfuly using the same CD on another machine. What is your opinion?

When installing SQL Server 2000 on a Windows XP machine, you could NOT have installed successfully on another machine using the same CD. The Enterprise Edition of SQL Server will ONLY install on a machine running Advanced Server. If you are not running Advanced Server (or NT Enterprise Edition), you will NOT be able to install the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server. Those are hard requirements., and there is absolutely no way around them. This is because the features present in the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server are simply not supported on desktop operating systems like XP. You can install the Desktop Edition or Developer Edition of SQL Server on that XP machine, but NOT the Enterprise Edition.

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