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Installing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on Windows XP

Having trouble installing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on a machine that's running Windows XP. In this expert response, Monitoring and Administration Expert Kevin Kline discusses how to install SQL Server on Windows XP.

I am working with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on Windows XP in my office. When I attempt to install SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on my home computer which is running Windows XP I receive the following error: "The Operating System can support only Client"

After displaying the error message, it proceeds to install the client part. How can this problem be solved?

Windows XP ships in two flavors – Personal and Professional Edition. You must run the Professional Edition to run higher-end editions of SQL Server.

On the other hand, you're trying to run SQL Server Enterprise Edition on a personal computer. This won't work since SQL Server Enterprise Edition requires Windows Server Enterprise Edition.

You're much better off running SQL Server Developer Edition that has all of the features of Enterprise Edition, but is much better suited to a personal computer.


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