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Importing an Oracle text file into SQL Server 2000, part 2

Continued from part 1...

One last item, keep in mind that once the DTS Package is developed it can be scheduled to execute on a regular basis via a SQL Server Agent Job. For more information visit How to schedule a DTS package using the Schedule Package option (Enterprise Manager).

Although based on your question, DTS would be the ideal recommendation from my perspective; additional options are available which may address your needs:

  • SQL Loader –- Oracle's ETL tool. For more information visit Oracle SQL*Loader FAQ.
  • BCP (Bulk Copy) -– A SQL Server command line interface to export and import data that is the predecessor to DTS. For more information visit bcp utility.
  • Replication from Oracle to SQL Server via a linked server with a pull subscription in SQL Server. For more information visit Programming Replication from Heterogeneous Data Sources.
  • Alternate tools to mange replication between Oracle and SQL Server include OmniReplicator.
  • Informatica is an alternate ETL tool with numerous scripting options.

If you find that DTS is one tool that will improve your productivity and help keep your weekends work free, to spend time with your family, then you may want to visit your local book store to invest in a good book or two to complement SQL Server Books Online. Stay tuned for expanded Yukon DTS information in the spring of 2004 in the form of a Yukon presentation series at www.edgewoodsolutions.com.

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