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Identifier field in Microsoft's SQL Server

Ever wonder how to incorporate an Oracle ROWID or identifier field in Microsoft SQL Server? Monitoring and Administration expert Kevin Kline tells you how in this expert response.

I have a table similar to this:
 cust_id trans_dt a0001 12/05/2005 a0002 12/05/2005 a0001 12/05/2005
The table does not have a ROWID or identifier field. I would like to delete the duplicate records and have the results formatted like this:
 a0001 12/05/2005 a0002 12/05/2005 -----------------------
In Oracle there is ROWID to solve this problem. Is there a way to resolve this in SQL Server?
There are a couple ways to accomplish this task. Just because I like fast transactions, I would probably do something like this:


  1. SELECT DISTINCT cust_id, trans_dt INTO temp_tbl FROM customertrans
  2. TRUNCATE TABLE customertrans
  3. INSERT INTO customertrans SELECT * FROM temp_tbl


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